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GreatAir Manchester
For information and live data on Air Quality in Greater Manchester visit the GreatAir Manchester website

About Us

Environmental Protection UK

Our visions is of a  cleaner, quieter, healthier world. We seek changes in policy and practice to minimise air, noise and land pollution, bringing together stakeholders to inform debate and influence decision making. We educate, influence and work in partnership with policy makers, environmental professionals, industry, academics and the public by:

Developing policy

Promoting innovation

Running campaigns and raising awareness

Providing training and resources

Promoting effective enforcement

We are a national membership based charity and have been playing a leading role in environmental protection in the UK since 1898. Our head office is in Brighton and we also have ten regional divisions throughout the UK.

Environmental Protection UK traces its roots back to the foundation of the Coal Smoke Abatement Society (CSAS) in 1898, making it one of the oldest environmental NGOs. CSAS was founded by London based artist Sir William Blake Richmond, who became frustrated by low light levels in the winter caused by coal smoke. In an 1898 letter to The Times calling for action, Sir William said "the darkness was comparable to a total eclipse of the sun".
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Greater Manchester Public Protection Partnership

The AGMA Public Protection Partnership consists of the ten Greater Manchester Authorities plus Warrington BC and Greater Mancheter Fire & Rescue Service.  These authorities have come together to develop a major programme of change in order to meet increasing public expectations ad national regulatory reform requirements. A programme of work was developed to establish not only service improvement within each authority and consistency between authrities, but to establish new ways of working across the City Region, greater strategic alignment, innovative and alternative ways of achieving regulatory compliance, and to provide greater value for money and quality of service delivery.

Manchester Airport

At Manchester Airport, our goal is to be one of Europe's leading airports when it comes to managing and caring for our local environment.

Over the years, our environmental innovation has resulted in strategies, processes and technologies that are now standard practice at most of the UK’s major airports.

We recognise that growth needs to be managed to strike the right balance between the social and environmental impact of the airport and the benefits we bring to the area.



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