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GreatAir Manchester
For information and live data on Air Quality in Greater Manchester visit the GreatAir Manchester website

The Project
GreatAirConstruction relating to the Greater Manchester conurbation, is a project using funding from the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and involving a strategic partnership between :

  • The Greater Manchester Public Protection Partnership joined by Warrington Borough Council
  • The North West Division of Environmental Protection UK
  • Manchester International Airport

Its aim is to produce web based, serve yourself, user friendly guidance for Developers, Regulators, Sector Stakeholders and those involved in the Construction Industry to minimise impacts on Local Air Quality arising from everyday aspects of construction activity.

What we are doing FIRSTLY is holding a Seminar on Monday February 8th, 2010 at the Concorde Suite at Manchester International Airport to gather together stakeholders from across the Greater Manchester Area to consult as widely as possible with them and obtain their views relating to delivering and regulating building projects, as to what can additionally can be achieved in the current economic climate to minimise the impacts on Local Air Quality during the long periods when construction activity is present within neighbourhoods.

We shall also be consulting with Communities, the Health Sector, Business, Lenders, Development Agencies, Academics Consultants, Architects and Regional Offices of Central Government where Particulate Matter (dust and grit) and diesel engined exhaust gases are an additional impact upon Local Air Quality which in Urban Areas, District Centres and City/Town centres already receive significant impacts from traffic, industrial processes and the combined effects of emissions from space and water heating from industrial, commercial and residential premises.

Manchester International Airport has an enviable and professional reputation for placing environmental issues at the top of its business agenda and the Partnership is indebted to the Manchester Airport Group for its assistance with this project.
Improving Air Quality in these categories of area across Greater Manchester is the main reason for each constituent Local Authority across the Greater Manchester Local area already having declared Air Quality Management Areas for which Action Plans exist.

What we are doing SECONDLY using a professional facilitator, is “capturing” all the outcomes from the Consultation at the February 8th 2010 Event/Seminar collating them and moving forward to publish them in the form of web based, serve yourself user friendly Guidance which will be an information resource in the next five to ten year period.

We are driving this project forward because Air Quality, although vastly improved from that that existed in the 1950’s and 1960’s, is a key Environmental factor for all individuals and communities across Greater Manchester and where future generations deserve to inherit the highest standards of Air Quality that the Greater Manchester Region can deliver.     

Although the Construction Industry is in a period of relative inactivity currently, now appears to be the time to prepare for when the United Kingdom comes out of recession where answers provided in the next twelve months can guide stakeholders managing environmental priorities and responsibilities in the next five to ten year period.

The Guidance when developed will be practical and will be targeted at construction activity ranging from the construction of two or three houses through to large scale engineering construction producing public and commercial developments, new roads and all other infrastructure projects. The Guidance will be developed for the benefit of individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises and larger Plc’s.  

Key priorities for Contractors and Property developers will be what practical measures will be expected from them, what minimum standards do they have to comply with now, what additional viable improved standards relating to Air Quality can they deliver, what will they be required to deliver relating to Air Quality when developing within existing Air Quality Management Areas and how will the Guidance stand as an alternative to standards which can be required now under Planning Section 106 agreements.      

Key priorities for the Health Sector, Regulators, Academics, Architects and Consultants will be what contribution can regional Guidance relating to Air Quality in and around Construction Sites, make directly and indirectly to the clinical regional incidence of Respiratory Disease, Local and Regional Health Statistics and Costs and what will be deliverable in a Region coming out of recession.


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